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TSMO Fellowship

6 Fellows Selected for 2020

In response to requests from the TSMO industry, NOCoE developed an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that TSMO organizations could use as part of their internal Human Resources initiatives to identify TSMO training and development opportunities for their staff.

This effort led to NOCoE’s pilot work with the Washington State DOT to offer a Fellowship opportunity to an entry level TSMO professional resulted in a successful experience that has been documented in a case study entitled A Workforce Shift Toward TSMO Washington Department of Transportation.  This success story has encouraged the Center to launch the NOCoE Fellowship Program for 2020.  It invites applicants from state and local DOTs, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and any public sector agency with a focus on TSMO or a related expertise that interfaces significantly with it.

NOCoE’s 2020 Inaugural Fellowship Program

The purpose of the National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE) Fellowship Program is to provide opportunities for a select number of TSMO professionals to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to apply on the job and in support of their long-term career growth.

The program is designed to:

  • Identify a select number of public agency practitioners who are in the early to mid-stages of their career and those open to switching careers.This is not meant for only a TSMO division but is open to other units who interface closely with TSMO functions and who’s career development would benefit by learning more about and being immersed in the TSMO culture.
  • Work with the selected fellows and their supervisory organization over the period of one year to:
    • develop individual development plans (IDPs) in concert with the fellow’s supervisor that embrace their human resources culture and organizational processes,
    • identify opportunities available under the auspices of NOCoE that will help them increase their professional knowledge, develop their interpersonal* skills, and enhance their ability to carry out their job, and
    • link these activities made available under the auspices of NOCoE to their organization’s TSMO program and intended outcomes.
  • Recognize the accomplishments of the program’s fellows at the end of their engagement with NOCoE

For more details of the NOCoE Fellowship Program, please follow this link.

How to Apply for the 2020 Fellowship Program

NOCoE invites candidates and their sponsors to apply as follows:

  • Eligibility.  Candidates are welcome from state and local DOTs, and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) whose focus is TSMO or a related expertise that interfaces significantly with it.
  • Candidates. Candidates are requested to:
    • Connect with NOCoE on LinkedIn. Instead of a resume, please update your LinkedIn profile with a recent photo and descriptions of your work positions.
    • Provide a five-minute video from the answering the following questions:
      • Why are you applying?
      • How do you work? What do you bring to the table? What are your career motivations?
      • How does your work fit within or relate to Transportation Systems Management and Operations?
  • Sponsors. Sponsors are requested to:
    • Identify the sponsor’s organizational relationship to the candidate
    • Offer a brief written endorsement of the candidate
    • Identify how the Fellowship would be incorporated into the applicant’s workload and reflected in an Individual Development Plan.

To apply:

1. Make a video, as described above.

2. Connect with NOCoE on LinkedIn

3. Send your sponsor materials to NOCoE Managing Director, Adam Hopps. He'll respond with a link where you can upload your video.

Application Deadlines

Applications are now being received.The deadline for submission is May 1, 2020

Expected time and effort required of Fellows

The NOCoE Fellowship will be mostly virtual and the structure of the fellowship will be customized to fit the specific individual develop plans of the fellow. An example of potential activities, include:

  • Provide Tutorials on Using the NOCoE Website and Other Transportation Web-based Platforms
  • Facilitate Inquiries on Learnings and Emerging and Best Practices on Topics important to the Employee’s Organization
  • Peer to Peer Networking
  • Attending webinars, peer exchanges, and other events related to the topics important to the employee’s organization
  • Organizing webinars and other exchanges where they lead the conversation to stimulate knowledge sharing and learning.
  • Potential one week stay in residence at NOCoE to engage the professional in a series of meetings in Washington with colleague organizations