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2nd TSMO Workforce Summit

The 2nd TSMO Workforce Summit, an invitation only event hosted by the National Operations Center of Excellence, will take place in September 20 and 23, 2021.

Proceedings Report

The full summit proceedings report, including details on the initial actions items identified by attendees, is available here:


Day 1 Materials

Segment 1 Presentation

Segment 2 Presentation

Survey Results

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  1. Identify current workforce challenges and opportunities transportation agencies are facing.
  2. Address diversity, equity, and inclusion within the transportation workforce.
  3. Understand issues facing our industry at the professional and paraprofessional level.
  4. Understand TSMO workforce development activities, affirm accomplishments, and clarify areas that need more work from the first workforce development initiative.
  5. Provide guidance in the development of a NOCoE TSMO Workforce Development Implementation Plan, inclusive of an appreciation of the role of partner organizations and how they can best work together

Read-Ahead Materials Batch 1

Information from First TSMO Workforce Summit Held back in June 2016. 
Resources developed through leadership and coordination of NOCoE and TRB. 
Resources developed as part of National Transportation Career Pathways Initiative 
Miscellaneous Resources – European Example of Workforce impacts due to new technologies, several Human Resource Related Articles and Report  

Read-Ahead Materials Batch 2

Case Studies 

Examples of Similar Industry Workforce Development Initiative Plans 

Participant Expectations: 

  • Actively participate in discussions, surveys and break-out sessions 

  • When appropriate, offer workforce lessons on what went well, where your organization had challenges and future activities. 

  • Allow for everybody’s voice to be heard. 

  • Have some fun! 

Key Questions 

  • Are there products or services that came out of the first summit that have or you anticipate will be useful to you? 

  • At the professional level, what issues are you facing related to TSMO Workforce Development? 

  • How have you or do you anticipate using the TSMO Workforce Guidebook? What types of positions are missing (thinking about professional positions)? 

  • At the paraprofessional level, what issues are you facing related to TSMO Workforce Development? 

  • Are there workforce development practices from other industries you admire? 

  • What ideas do you have related to improving TSMO Workforce Development Activities? What type of services or products would help you? 

  • Based on the top priority recommendations, suggest potential lead and support champions and potential funding sources.