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TMC PFS Inquiry: TMC Camera Keyboards

Question: For TMC operators that use dedicated camera control keyboards & joysticks to control traffic cameras – what models/brands are you using?  Have you found some that operators really like?  Ones to stay away from?  MN is currently using X company product y.  These are discontinued so limited options for replacements as they wear out.  Looking for alternatives.

Missouri: Missouri uses software based camera controls. When we visited the casino control room in Detroit I noted that they used joysticks. If the group does not have a good answer, perhaps you could get an answer from other entities which use CCTV for security purposes.

Nevada: Currently the TMC operators at FAST are using standard mouse to control the camera movements. The CCTV system software has a basic user interface to move cameras using mouse.

Utah: Utah also uses software-based camera controls (a mouse is the only input device to interact with software control).

Wisconsin: WisDOT uses Apem IPD desktop joysticks that we bought in the last 6 months. About ½ of the operators use them, and the others choose to use their keyboard.

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania uses software controls through Genetec.

Ohio: ODOT also used software-based cameras with a mouse. The software is called Milestone, which is typically used in the security field.

Michigan: Michigan DOT operators use their mouse/keyboard to control CCTV.

Florida: FDOT’s SunGuide® software supports these dedicated controllers:

  • American Dynamics AD2088 8000-1811-01, Rev C (2002)
  • American Dynamics ADCC0200/ADCC0300 (2002)

We also support a workstation/mouse-based controller built into the SunGuide operator map, which is used mostly.

Virginia: Virginia DOT-Our TOCs use their desk mouse to control CCTV. Either through the ATMS or a third-party software, our operators use a ‘simulated’ joystick - just clicking what direction they want the camera to move. There are also zoom and focus buttons for further image manipulation.

We don’t use any physical joysticks in our TOCs in VDOT, however other TOC's oversight, I have experience that some of the operators love Joystick to control cameras and they have challenges transitioning to other means.

Texas: Texas uses the computer keyboard to control traffic cameras which is done through our ATMS software (Lonestar).