Improving Traffic Signal Operations: A Primer

Federal Highway Administration


Traffic congestion is a major problem in cities of all sizes.

This report describes how some relatively simple, low-cost adjustments to a traffic signal system can reduce traffic congestion and lead to big payoffs in time savings, environmental benefits, and safety. The report is organized in the following seven chapters: (1) Traffic Signals: Tools for Improving Safety and Traffic Flow; (2) Simple Strategies with Big Payoffs; (3) How Traffic Signals Work; (4) When Is a Signal Needed?; (5) Traffic Signal Maintenance; (6) Legal Aspects; and (7) Funding Traffic Signal Improvements.

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Washington, DC

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  • Regional Traffic Signal Operations & Program Management
  • Traffic Signal Timing

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  • Arterial Traffic Control Device Operations

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  • Case Studies & Lessons Learned

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Insititute of Transportation Engineers
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January 5th, 2015
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