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Road Weather Spotlight: Where the Weather Meets the Road 2.0


Where the Weather Meets the Road 2.0

In 2004, the National Academies via the Board on Atmospheric Science and Climate published a seminal report titled Where the Weather Meets the Road. A panel of experts across the transportation and meteorological communities worked together to examine the research opportunities and required services needed to support improved weather-related information for the nation’s roadways. The resulting report provided a framework and recommendations to guide road weather research across the two communities, serving as an influential foundation for research conducted over subsequent years. Twenty years later, it is time to revisit the report and consider how best to refresh it and help guide future road weather research.


•Introduction and webinar goals – Jeremy McGuffey FHWA (5-10 minutes)

•History of Where the Weather Meets the Road – Paul Pisano, Chair, Transportation Research Board Road Weather Committee Chair (10 minutes)

•Meteorological perspective – Paul Higgins, American Meteorological Society (20 minutes)

•Transportation perspective – Rick Nelson, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (20 minutes)

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