Performance Measures and Health Index of ITS Assets Webinar

Traffic Management Center Pooled Fund Study, FHWA, and NOCoE

The TMC PFS and FHWA jointly sponsored the development of the TMC Performance Measures and Health Index of ITS Assets technical report. This report highlights examples of goals and performance measures that help define an ITS Asset Management plan. This webinar discusses ITS assets, their data types and practices of managing this data. Centralizing the collection of data on all assets into one repository, performing Life Cycle Analysis, and developing Obsolescence Plans to replace obsolete assets is also addressed. Dashboards used by several State DOTs as visualization tools to report on the condition of assets have been included. This report and additional information on the TMC PFS will be available electronically at TMC Pooled Fund STudy Webpage. Additional resources and information can be found on the NOCoE traffic management systems portal.
This webinar explores successful practices in ITS asset management such as defining goals, objectives, data sources, and performance measures. Data management and data visualization examples, useful for monitoring the health and performance of ITS assets within the TMC and in the field, is also be provided.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify possible goals of an ITS asset management plan.
  • List possible performance measures for assessing the conditions of different assets.
  • Identify potential data sources for assessing the condition of different assets.
  • List possible activities of an ITS Asset Management effort.

Target Audience
Staff involved in operations of TMCs and life cycle planning including deploying, maintaining and replacing ITS assets that support and improve TMC capabilities.

Jon Obenberger (FHWA)


  • Rodney Schilling (Nevada DOT)
  • Dan Lukasik (Parsons)
  • Lashonn Ford and James Whalen (NDOT)
  • Emily Dwyer (GDOT)

Speaker Bio

Dan Lukasik (Parsons): Dan Lukasik is Vice President and Intelligent Transportation System sector leader for Parsons. Dan has 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of ITS systems used for managing freeways, toll roads, arterial roadway networks as well as transit systems. He is considered an expert in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS); Active Traffic Management (ATM) and Integrated Corridor Management (ICM). Dan is a member of the TRB Freeway Operations Committee and is Co-Chair of the TRB Active Traffic Management Subcommittee.

Rod Schilling (Nevadad DOT): Mr. Rod Schilling, has been with the Nevada Department of Transportation since March of 1999. Past experience includes 13 years of construction along with 4 years in the United States Navy. His career with the Department includes time working in Roadway Design, Materials and the Traffic Operations Division where he currently is working as the Assistant Chief of Traffic Operations. Rod has background working with a multitude of varying projects and programs within the department. Most recently he has been involved in the departments statewide strategic data governance plan, the launch of the department’s first TSMO Program Plan this past June, along with Performance Measures and Health Index of ITS Assets as the project champion for the TMC PFS. With the significance of integrating planning, management and operation to maximize benefits to the public and improve safety. For all these reasons, we are working to break the silos and work together to improve safety, reliability and efficiency of the transportation system. These tools and strategies will help us prioritize funding, implement innovative/technology-driven solutions, and improve safety and congestion. The overall goal for improved availability of mobility data is to support planning, operations, and performance measure activities. Rod is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno with a BS in Civil Engineering and has his Professional Engineering License with the State of Nevada. He is also a registered Professional Traffic Operations Engineer with the Transportation Professional Certification Board.

Emily Dwyer (Georgia DOT):Emily Dwyer has worked in the transportation industry for 8 years and spent the past 6 at GDOT. Prior to joining GDOT, Emily worked as a signal and ITS designer in Washington, DC. After 2 years of dealing with snow, she decided it was time to move back to warmer weather and be closer to family in Georgia. In her time at GDOT, Emily started in the Office of Traffic Operations in the Signals group, focused on signal maintenance, device qualifications and signal operations. From there, Emily became an ITS Supervisor in the Interstate Operations group, managing GDOT’s ITS Comprehensive Maintenance Contract. Her role in GDOT’s Interstate Operations group has allowed Emily to work on a diverse catalog of projects, including everything from freight operations and parking, road weather information systems, data aggregation tools and GDOT’s recently announced ITS expansion along I-95 to improve hurricane preparedness and daily operations. Emily is a registered Professional Engineer in Georgia and a proud Georgia Tech grad.

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Issue Date
September 10th, 2020
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