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Mainstreaming TSMO Through Policies and Processes


This webinar is part of an FHWA Office of Operations project to support mainstreaming transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) in transportation agencies.  It looks specifically at how policies and processes can be used to mainstream TSMO in an agency, integrate it across divisions, and make TSMO meaningful and useful to staff throughout the organization.  Examples from several transportation agencies are provided to illustrate a range of applications and experiences in mainstreaming TSMO using policies and processes such as:

  • Developing TSMO committees
  • Incorporating TSMO formally into planning and project development
  • Including TSMO in agency manuals and guidance
  • Integrating TSMO in business practices
  • Developing TSMO-focused organizational structures and staff positions
  • Integrating TSMO into agency-wide performance management

An infographic from FHWA on Mainstreaming TSMO is referenced during the webinar and is now available. The FHWA announcement of this infographic states: "This infographic shows ways that a transportation agency can integrate TSMO throughout its organization to advance and mainstream TSMO. Examples are provided on how TSMO can be supported and mainstreamed by executive leadership and human resources, and throughout the project and program lifecycle: planning and programming, project development and design, construction, maintenance, and ongoing transportation management."

The infographic can be found on the FHWA website, here:

Target Audience

State, regional, and local transportation agencies interested in mainstreaming and advancing TSMO in their organizations. This includes managers and staff in the areas of operations, planning, project development, program management, and programming.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why policies and procedures are important for mainstreaming TSMO
  • Become familiar with six common areas of policies and processes that transportation agencies use to mainstream TSMO
  • Identify opportunities for initiating or improving policies and processes for mainstreaming TSMO


  • Jocelyn Bauer, Program Manager, Leidos


  • Tracy Scriba, Team Leader, Organizing and Planning for Operations, Office of Operations, Federal Highway Administration and Pat Noyes, Pat Noyes & Associates
  • Brent Cain, PE, Director, TSMO Division, Arizona DOT
  • Tim Simodynes, PE, State TSMO Engineer, Traffic Operations Bureau, Iowa DOT
  • Subrat Mahapatra, Director, Asset Management Office and Mohammed Raqib, PE, PTOE, Chief, Mobility Planning and Engineering Division, Office of Transportation Mobility and Operations, Maryland DOT State Highway Administration
  • Douglas Tomlinson, PE, Chief, Highway Safety and Traffic Operations Division, Pennsylvania DOT

Speaker Bio

Brent Cain (Arizona DOT): Brent Cain serves as the assistant director for the Arizona DOT Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) Division. Brent leads the TSMO efforts for optimizing the performance of existing infrastructure by implementing operationally focused and often cross-jurisdictional systems, services, and projects. TSMO strategies are intended to maximize the efficiency, safety, and utility of the transportation network. Brent also oversees innovative efforts and new technologies that are rapidly occurring to further enhance transportation system operations and safety. Brent has over 30 years of experience in transportation planning, engineering, and operations. Brent holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Missouri.

Tim Simodynes (Iowa DOT): Tim has been at the Iowa DOT for the past 24 years, starting in Traffic Safety, and then Intelligent Transportation Systems, and now as the State TSMO Engineer at the Traffic Operations Bureau.  Tim attended Iowa State University and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.

Douglas Tomlinson (Pennsylvania DOT): Doug began working for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in 1994 and his career has focused on a wide-range traffic engineering and traffic operations topics including work zone traffic control, incident management, traffic signals, traffic calming, ITS, and TSMO.  Doug has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, was a 2008 Graduate of the Operations Academy, and was named ITS PA person of the year by the Pennsylvania chapter in 2013.  He is currently Chief of the Highway Safety and Traffic Operations Division. 

Tracy Scriba (FHWA): Tracy Scriba is the Team Leader for the Organizing and Planning for Operations Team in the Office of Operations at the Federal Highway Administration.  She leads efforts to advance and mainstream transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) through organizational capabilities and culture, professional capacity building, planning and programming, and performance-based system and demand management.

Pat Noyes (Pat Noyes & Associates): Pat Noyes has 40 years of experience in transportation planning and operations and is the Principal Investigator for this project.  She was a lead author of FHWA’s Developing and Sustaining a Transportation Systems Management & Operations Mission for Your Organization: A Primer for Program Planning, and is working with USDOT, NOCoE, and ITE on a variety of TSMO-related projects.

Subrat Mahapatra (Maryland DOT): Subrat Mahapatra has been with Maryland DOT State Highway Administration for 16 years and currently serves as the Director of the Asset Management Office. He served as the Deputy Director leading the agency’s TSMO Program for 3 years. Prior to that, Subrat held various positions in the Planning Office for 12 years. He has a Masters in Civil Engineering from UMD College Park.

 Mohammed Raqib (Maryland DOT): Mohammed Raqib, P.E., P.T.O.E  is the chief of Mobility Planning and Engineering Division in the Office of Transportation Mobility and Operations under Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration. He possesses over seventeen (19) years of experience in planning, engineering, installation, and management of Traffic operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) deployment projects. 

Jocelyn Bauer (Leidos): Jocelyn Bauer is a Program Manager with Leidos, and has 18 years of experience in the areas of TSMO and planning for operations. She serves as the project manager for the FHWA Office of Operations Mainstreaming TSMO project featured on today’s webinar.  

Operations Area of Practice

    Performance Management
    Strategic Planning
    Business Processes/Policies and Procedures
    Planning for Operations

Organizational Capability Element

    Performance Management

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