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Applying TSMO to Rural Areas


When considering the unique circumstances in areas such as geography, smaller population densities, limited communication services and fewer alternate routes, the high rate of non-recurring events can be very disruptive to daily life.  Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) has shown to offer numerous benefits for urban and suburban areas, but there are also benefits to rural areas.


This webinar synthesizes the state of the practice of applying TSMO strategies in rural areas for Traffic Incident Management, Road Weather Management, Planned Special Events, Work Zone Management, and Seasonal Demand Management.  It also highlights the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of rural TSMO deployments as well as discuss emerging trends and technologies applicable in rural areas.  This webinar also presents 3 case studies of successful implementation of TSMO in rural areas.

Organizational Capability Element

    Planned Special Event Management
    Road Weather Management
    Traffic Incident Management
    Work Zone Management

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