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Workforce Resources from Other Industries

Case Study Best Practices in Workforce Development from Other Industries

Workforce recruitment and retention challenges exist in TSMO, as they do in many other industries. This case study, authored by Pat Noyes, looks at what can be learned from similar industries to inform practices within TMSO. It also looks at opportunities to enhance inclusivity and diversity in the workforce through recruitment and retention practices.

Read the full case study here:

Watch a video presentation on the case study from Pat Noyes:

Case Study Highlights
  • The TSMO community can leverage and adapt noteworthy workforce development practices from other industries with similar challenges.
  • Water, Information Technology, Accounting, and Trucking Industries were scanned for lessons learned that the TSMO community could adapt.
  • Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion strategies can bring additional workforce into the TSMO community.

Read the full case study here:

Examples of Similar Industry Workforce Development Initiative Plans 

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