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White Paper: TSMO Paraprofessional Workforce Development


Technology, improved data integration, and actively managing transportation systems has led the way to the concept of Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO), which represents a set of integrated strategies developed to manage, maintain, and improve the performance of existing transportation systems using a strategic and systematic approach. Many state departments of transportation and other transportation organizations are already implementing TSMO programs and strategies at various levels. They have learned that successful deployment and use of TSMO strategies requires a diverse, skilled workforce capable of meeting changing organizational needs and rapidly evolving technology. Ongoing efforts are actively addressing workforce needs in the professional and management levels of transportation organizations. The next logical step is to look at position outside professional and management levels. This white paper identifies a wide range of critical support positions, referred to as TSMO paraprofessionals, and defines how each may need to evolve to meet rapidly changing organizational needs. The document also discusses a variety of issues transportations agencies will likely face and potential paths forward for them to be better prepared to recruit, retain and develop a TSMO paraprofessional workforce.

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