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SHRP2 Products and Implementation

SHRP2 Program

The second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) delivers efficient, practical solutions to plan, renew, and operate the nation's highway network through the collaborative partnership of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and the Transportation Research Board (TRB). More than 65 innovative products, processes, and technologies—or SHRP2 Solutions—are now available to Federal, State, and local transportation agencies to speed project delivery, construct longer-lasting facilities in less time, provide relief from unexpected congestion, and design safer highway systems, effectively strengthening the American highway system to serve us through the 21st century.

SHRP2 was authorized by Congress and builds on the success of the first SHRP, which also produced numerous innovations. The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) authorized additional funding to support implementation efforts, which will continue through 2017.

Focus Areas

SHRP2 Solutions evolved from research in four focus areas: Contacts
Reliability offers analytical techniques, design procedures, and institutional approaches to address events—such as crashes, work zones, special events, and inclement weather—that result in unpredictable congestion and make travel times unreliable.

Tracy Scriba
Gummada Murthy

Safety has completed the largest in-vehicle study of driver behavior to better understand the interaction among factors involved in crashes—driver, vehicle, and infrastructure—so that better safety countermeasures can be developed by the states and applied to save lives.

Aladdin Barkawi
Kelly Hardy

Renewal technologies and solutions support more rapid and systematic rehabilitation of infrastructure in a way that presents minimal disruption to users, and results in longer-lasting facilities.

Ken Jacoby
Greta Smith

Capacity tools integrate environmental, economic, and community requirements into the planning and design of new highway capacity to streamline project delivery through earlier and more cooperative decision-making. 

Gary Jensen
Matthew Hardy


GO SHRP2 is the primary online resource for SHRP2 in implementation. Practitioners can go here to learn about products ready for implementation, how peers are using these products, and technical and financial support. You can even download a SHRP2 Outreach Toolkit with fact sheets, brochures, and presentations.

AASHTO SHRP2 Implementation provides information developed for and by AASHTO members.

Regional Operations Forums

Regional Operations Forums (ROFs), developed by the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) and the Transportation Research Board (TRB), provide practitioners with new and innovative approaches for managing and operating the highway system, drawing from the cutting edge work being carried out under the SHRP2 program and other national programs. For more information please go HERE

SHRP2 TSM&O Resources Tool

This website provides a gateway to information and resources developed through the national SHRP2 program on implementable best practices for reducing congestion at low cost and with high impact.


The SHRP2 Reliability Archive is a web-based tool that serves as a digital repository for rich data and information from SHRP 2 Reliability and related projects. The archive is easy for users to search, visualize, download, rate and comment on the data. Currently there is more than 2 terabytes of data from more than 40 projects concerning travel time reliability-related research. A flyer and short presentation provide an overview of the Archive.

SHRP2 Products and Tools

To see products and tools created by the SHRP2 programs, please go HERE

SHRP2 Implementation Case Studies

To see case studies from the SHRP2 implementation, please go HERE