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The Infrastructure Owner Operator /Original Equipment Manufacturer Forum (IOO/OEM Forum) was created to allow a small group of individuals representing both IOOs and OEMs to work on tasks and discuss the needed data exchanges between vehicles and the infrastructure. Since the IOO/OEM Forum was initiated, the IOO representatives to the Forum have been the Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Deployment Coalition (V2I DC) Technical Working Group (TWG) Chairs, with the intent that they would represent the state and local IOOs that participate in their respective V2I DC TWGs, and that they would bring the findings of the IOO/OEM Forum back to their respective TWGs.

During Phase 2 of the V2I DC, the intent is to share outcomes of the IOO/OEM Forum and gather input to it through each of the TWGs active in Phase 2. Anyone that is interested in learning more about the IOO/OEM Forum is encouraged to participate in any of the V2I DC Phase 2 TWGs, where regular updates will be provided.

To maintain the focus of the discussion between IOOs and OEMs, the IOO/OEM Forum meetings are not open to consultants and equipment suppliers. However, in some situations, representatives from additional IOOs have joined the IOO/OEM discussions when they have active projects underway in the technical areas of interest and are able to contribute unique perspectives about the data exchanges. Therefore, if any employees from state or local IOOs feel they have additional input they would like to share beyond participating in the V2I DC TWGs, they are encouraged to contact any of the TWG Chairs identified below to discuss participation in the meetings of the IOO/OEM Forum.

Resources Related to the IOO/OEM Forum