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Webinar Materials: AASHTO SCOTSEM Publication Managing Catastrophic Emergencies - A Guide for Transportation Executives


Being CEO of your organization can be one of the most powerful and exciting opportunities in your career. Your time in public service will be critical to those you serve, even though it may often go unseen. At some point during your tenure, you will be called upon to deal with a major emergency or disaster. One need only watch the evening news to become aware of the potential for loss of life and devastation that can occur as the result of manmade or environmental incidents and disasters such as floods, storms, fires, earthquakes, terror events, and others. When it does happen, the day-to-day methods that you use in your operation will be insufficient to handle the emergency. To help you navigate and prepare for the day you will be faced with these events, Managing Catastrophic Emergencies: A Guide for Transportation Executives can assist you in getting a quick understanding of what tools and people you will have at your disposal. The guide acquaints you with not only the kinds of events you will face but also the process of preparing your agency to be ready to respond to them. Most importantly, it brings you advice from your peers, current and former, who have faced similar situations. More than ten were interviewed and willingly shared thoughts they felt would help you deal with the event successfully. This webinar will walk you through the guide and help you become familiar with your agency’s critical role and capabilities in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from an emergency situation. Learning Objectives: • Learn the five fundamental responsibilities in security and emergency response • Recognize the different types of emergency incidents and events • Learn how to assess the organization and its capabilities • Know your roles and responsibilities Presenters: • Ernest “Ron” Frazier, Esq, CASE, LLC • Jeff Western, Western Management and Consulting, LLC • Pat Bye, Western Management and Consulting, LLC Moderator: Brian Ness, Director, Idaho Transportation Department; Chair, AASHTO Special Committee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management

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    Performance Management
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    Emergency Transportation Operations

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AASHTO SCOTSEM Publication Manaing Catastrophic Emergencies - A Guide for Transportation Executives