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As states confront transportation problems with tighter fiscal budgets, the necessity for better managing and operating the transportation system becomes extremely critical. The ROFs provide practitioners with new and innovative approaches for managing and operating the highway system, drawing from the cutting edge work being carried out under the SHRP2 program and other national programs.  Participation in a (ROF) provides the strategies, technologies and practices needed to advance the paradigm shift towards Advancing Systems Operations, Management, and Reliability.





  • To mainstream systems management & operations into the culture of the state departments of transportation by transitioning the state of the art closer to the state of the practice
  • To strengthen the systems management & operations programs at the state and regional level
  • To develop a community of practice through the development of a peer network
  • To provide the next generation of leadership with the critical thinking skills for advancing system management & operations
  • To provide training on the "best use" of SHRP2 Reliability products


Upon completion of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the importance and value of a management and operational focus within their agency
  • Know how to plan, program and organize for systems management & operations
  • More effectively use a management and operations perspective in identifying and implementing cost effective solutions to address transportation problems
  • Measure the performance of the operations of their transportation network
  • Work with a peer network of regional agencies to share ideas/information, learn from the activities of others, and work together more effectively.
  • Apply where applicable, the results of the SHRP2 Reliability research and other nationwide systems management and operations research programs.

Target Audience

  • Director/Manager of Traffic Operations
  • District/Division/State Traffic Engineers
  • Regional Director/Operations Chief
  • Director of Maintenance
  • Transportation Operations Center  Manager
  • Manager of Traffic Engineering in state or local jurisdiction
  • Senior Transportation Planner in state or local jurisdiction or MPO
  • State Police